Award Show Blunders

Award season is among us once again. Besides getting a chance to see our favorite actors and music artists dressed up to the 9's and winning for works we have praised all year, we also get to see them in not such flattering (real life?) situations. Every award show has their "Oh my god did he/ she really just do that" moment. These moments can involve acts of outright drunkenness, wardrobe malfunction, tiffs with fellow celebs, the list go's on. We can't help but to wonder if these "moments" are our stars really letting go and being themselves, or if these are simply publicity moments acted upon. Lets get real, if you happen to have your dress bust open on the red carpet or while presenting an award, you will be the topic of every gossip and news blog the next morning, and until someone else does something to top your blunder. Is this just how the business goes or is the need for attention and publicity too much?