Gym Etiquette 101

The gym is a place where one can go to unwind, focus and releases the days' stress overload. The gym should not be a place that causes further frustration and aggravation. Sticking to unwritten rules and keeping others in mind while breaking a sweat will ensure a hassle-free and stimulating workout experience. When hitting the gym we stick to the following rules;

- Locker Room; This is not your personal locker room, keep your belongings by your side and don't take up more room than needed.

- Machines; Stick to one machine at a time, don't hog a machine that you have no intention of using it.

- Cleanliness; If your gym supplies towels make sure to only take what you are going to use, and throw it in the used basket when done. Also use the towel to wipe down a machine after each usage, no one wants to sit in your sweat.

- Conversations; the majority of gyms have a strict "no cell phone" rule in effect. Don't distract others by catching up your bestie on the latest gossip while surrounded by gym-goers concentrating on lifting.
The gym may require a paid membership to attend, however that doesn't mean you have the right to inconvenience others.