Good Hosts Equals a Good Party

Who doesn't love a good party? We certainly do. Along with a good party comes a good host. From the invitation to the "thanks for coming" we share some of our favorite tips on how to plan and execute the perfect get-together!

Invitations: Information is the key with invites, don't leave anything to be guessed. Is it a costume party, BYOB, no plus 1's? Clearly stating the intention of the party and any details which need to be known will alleviate awkward and disastrous situations.

Planning and Execution: This is all your envisioning; what atmosphere are you trying to create, what feeling do you want your guests to experience upon arrival /departure. Make sure you have everything you need! Nothing will kill your mood more than realizing you are unprepared, make a list and add to it as you plan, stick to the list and use it as a reference.

Be the Hostess with the Mostess: Being welcoming, accommodating and appreciative is all this means. Let your guests know how happy you are they have accepted your invite and will be spending time with you and your other guests. If you have invitees who don't know each other, make it your mission to make sure they walk away knowing one another.

Most importantly smile and keep calm, it will be fabulous!

Blurred Lines

Do infants and high-end dining cross an imaginary line? Well it seems that, that exact line has been crossed at Michelin rated (3 stars to be exact) Chicago A-list eatery, Alinea (pre-fixed meals run at about $200, and are pre-purchased.) Although not right, it may be one thing for fellow patrons to gawk and make side-eyes at the situation. However, what happens when the establishments head chef tweets about the situation?! Is that imaginary line completely thrown out, abandoned and a new level of inappropriate then reached?
So, who's right and who's rude? Should parents not be allowed to bring children into restaurants or public places with a high ticket value, where others can be disrupted? Should establishments be able to deny entrance when adults are accompanied by minors?
Whether imaginary or not, clearly a line has been crossed, but on who's side?