Impress New Co-Workers

Starting a new job can be overwhelming and generally you just want to fit in. First impressions are everything and if you want to be accepted, don’t skimp on politeness. Here are a few ways to score points with your office mates:

  • Don’t join in the heavy jokes or bad word usage. Until you really get a feel for the atmosphere in the office, stick to what your parents taught you about meeting new people.
  • Get to know your co-workers and their interests. This will catapult you into becoming friendly, rather than landing you in the category of an office gossip. If you love to run or play arcade games, try to plan an after work outing.
  • When a new position opens up and more than one person has there eyes on it, claws can come out. Make sure you mind your manners. Respect your co-workers, have a positive attitude, avoid inappropriate conversations and be proactive. You don't need office enemies.  
Impress your new co-workers and boss with your positive attitude and impeccable manners and you will be accepted in no time!