Making Positive First Impressions

You have probably heard the age-old adage warning, “first impressions are everything.” While we would like to relieve some of your anxiety, we must note that in some circumstances, a first impression is essentially what matters most. This ideology is particularly salient when navigating the career interviewing process.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to present yourself, or perhaps what not to do, take a look at our suggestions as you prepare for your big interview. 

  • Some colors are simply more “serious” than others and if you need to convey a strong, confident image, then you may want to select a color that falls into the classic neutral palette. This would include: navy, black, and khaki. If the job is more creative or trend based, you instead may want to go bolder with color and pattern.
  • Enter reception promptly (you should be between 10-15 minutes early) and stick around to assure that the secretary or receptionist calls up promptly. The last thing you want to do is blame the secretary for your tardiness.
  • Interviewers will often go back and ask their secretary what they thought of you. You should treat them just as if they were the interviewer themselves.
  • If your interviewer walks out to meet you you should always immediately stand, smile (but don’t overdo it), issue a proper greeting and prepare to shake hands. 

You made it! Now that you’ve made a poised, polished first impression, the “real” interview process can begin. Good luck and remember to always put your best foot forward, as long as its dressed in a nice high-heel!