Should You Insure Your Wedding?

Brides pour their hearts and soul into selecting the perfect dress, the décor, the food and the ring. Now they are adding one more thing to their list- wedding insurance. You know, just in case you get jilted at the alter or your caterer decides they don’t feel like being in business after you paid them $2,000. 

Wedding insurance is a hot new trend all over the country. Couples are purchasing in case a change of heart, a vendor backs out, the weather turns sour or something unpredictable happens. So, how do we feel about this?

“If you have to get insurance for the wedding, then you obviously are having doubts about your commitment or the commitment of your partner. If that is the case, don't get married! Talk about red flags!” says the 20-something lady.

“I have my misgivings BUT if you are traveling to an exotic place like Fiji for your wedding and suddenly there is a tsunami then I think the insurance idea is brilliant. If it is for a possible change of heart then I feel marriage may not be the right thing for this couple- save the insurance money and find another mate,” is advice from the 50-something expert.

What do YOU think? Is purchasing wedding insurance Right or Rude?