How to Be Smart, Savvy and Social

As social media becomes an increasingly integrative part of our personal lives, the need to align our online presence with our professional life is becoming more of a necessity than a preference. The need to be politically correct in posts could make or break a career.

When traversing this world of social media, we urge you to consider a few key rules to guide you in creating a perfectly polished social presence.

  • Choose a profile picture that reflects your professional personality. Don’t be afraid to be creative as long as the image is something that you could put on your desk in your office.
  • Shy away from political posts. While you certainly have a right to voice your political views, you never want to offend anyone. You could turn away a potential client or career opportunity simply based on a poorly worded statement.
  • Don’t over post. Limit your updates to no more than once or twice a day. You should appear to be busy with your career, not social media.
  • Keep it light. Only post casual or informative material. Never post about relationships (business or personal).

Use this short guide to help you evaluate the strength of your professional social media presence. Remember that nothing is really private so tread light and always be conscious of who might read your posts!