Plane and Simple, Travel Tips to Follow

When in the middle of a "winter vortex" we opt to skip town to warmer climates and fun in the sun. Traveling can be a blessing and it can be a downright nightmare. We always follow these 5 simple tips to insure a hassle-free plane ride to paradise;
  • Don't be "that person" in the security line, know what needs to go in each bin and have everything which needs to be removed, removed before going through security check. The TSA will thank you.
  • Don't hog seats in the boarding area with personal possessions, you're not the only one who wants to sit.
  • When flying request an aisle seat, this will alleviate the need to interrupt your fellow passengers when needing to use the restroom.
  • Check before reclining, you never know what is going on behind you (eg; a baby or a pregnant woman.)
  • Keep the volume down, it's not up to you what the entire flight listens.
  • As always be courteous to all who surround you, it's an airplane, not a football field.. there is only so much room for a number of people to occupy.
Safe travels!