Three generations of semi-refined ladies will try to politely offer their views on matters of decorum, etiquette and generally raucous and rowdy real world behavior. Bring us your ill-mannered, uniformed and generally uncouth and we will try to transform them into ladies and gentlemen.

Because wouldn’t it be nice if the world was just a little nicer?

Thank you.
Fernanda,  Jeannie and Carole

JEANNIE PEARMAN, 70-something, though often carded when trying to get a senior citizen discount, (“Thank you Regal Cinemas!”) is a mother of three, grandmother to eleven, author, clothing designer and international citizen. She has penned several children’s books, launched a resort wear apparel line that sold in stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, and lived in Hong Kong, London, Palm Beach and New York City. She dabbled in television on Bermuda briefly but has spent 43 years at the side of her husband, a barrister working in finance, as his liaison to worldwide galas, parties, croquet matches (it’s an outdoor game with mallets and wood balls) and cocktail soirees. She is a cancer survivor and grande dame of everything proper. At this moment she is watching to see that you begin with the correct fork.

CAROLE HOLMES DELOUVRIER, 50-something, is a mother of two and former television segment producer for Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” and “The Sally Jesse Raphael Show.” The latter offering many opportunities to “interact with rude guests.” She has also worked at Vogue, "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Today Show." When she isn’t lunching with New York’s boldface names, she works with a number of charitable organizations as an independent philanthropy consultant. Twice married, most recently to a french businessman and gourmand, Carole has fresh and first hand evidence of “bridal mishaps and mayhem.” She is the daughter of actress Arlene Dahl and grew up in both Hollywood and New York City. Before attending Georgetown University she was a student at Miss Porter’s school and is a natural blonde who can offer affidavits from some of New York’s finest salons.

FERNANDA ZAPATA VAKIL, 20-something, is a combination of the international cities she has lived in. Born in Mexico City, she moved to California at the age of 16. She studied marketing and international business at Trinity University in San Antonio and lived in Milan, Italy for 7 months where she learned Italian and how to make pasta. A talent she says "stayed there." She currently makes her home in New York City where she enjoys late night hours and infinite restaurant choices and works as a marketing and communications professional for The Promotion Factory. At the age of 15 she participated in etiquette classes in Mexico where she learned useful things such as how to properly get in and out of a car.